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Gratitude: For a Drunk Jewish Dancer


“So I bet you thought Jews couldn’t be alcoholics, huh?”

These were the first words I recall from a doctor I didn’t want to talk to at a rehab I didn’t want to be in.

Whatever I was expecting him to say, this wasn’t it. But before I could react he continued, “Well, I’m here to tell you Jews can be just as alcoholic as anybody, because I’m a Jewish alcoholic …”

I thought, Did he really just tell me he’s an alcoholic? This Jewish-alcoholic stuff was a revelation and role reversal I couldn’t grasp. He was confessing his addiction to me? Why is he telling me this? I got an immediate answer.

 “… and so are you.”

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New Evidence on Gateway Drugs

January 23, 2015

Call me crazy (you won’t be the first), but the research results I like best challenge my preconceived notions. I ran across an example in a study about gateway drugs, published in the September 4, 2014 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine.

The study finds that nicotine can prime the brain in a way that intensifies the effect of subsequent cocaine use.

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Science, Disease and Stigma 


For me, understanding the science of addiction helped alleviate the stigma I’d attached to my alcoholism. But others I’ve know have had the exact opposite reaction, feeling stigmatized by the “disease” label.

Does the science of addiction dispel or promote stigma? If science isn’t the best way to fight the stigma of addiction, what is?

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